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ÉLOGE FRANCE VIETNAM Pharmaceutical Joint stock company is licensed by the Ministry of Planning & Vietnam to set up on 15/6/2006. After nearly 3 years of implementing the training, technology transfer and construction of production factories, dated 24/12/2008, ÉLOGE FRANCE VIETNAM Pharmaceutical Joint Venture Factory is officially certified by the Pharmaceutical Administration – the Ministry of Health of Vietnam GMP – WHO certification standards. Continuously improve the quality of products from the strict executive regulations of the Ministry of Health from May 9/2011 of 3 production lines: Non – Betalactam, Penicillins and cephalosporins are certified by the Drug Administration to the GMP – WHO standard.
A milestone in marking the development of the factory, year 2015, ÉLOGE FRANCE VIETNAM expands the transmission line of supplements. In 2019, the whole line of production of supplements qualified for GMP – Ministry of Health.

In particular, to expand the market, meet the needs of customers, at the start of 2020 ÉLOGE FRANCE VIET NAM has invested and installed two additional production lines for cosmetics and medical equipment. Production line of cosmetics in 2 – form: wet and dry, recognized by the BAC Ninh Health Department under decision No. 175/QD/SYT. In addition, the medical equipment line is also tested and certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 for the production of oral rinse, physiological salt water, salt powder, Ethanol tincture and medical mask.
With the “for public health”, the products of ÉLOGE FRANCE VIETNAM are always targeted for human beings. Inherited and promoted from the foundation of a world-leading pharmaceutical industry, combining the refined ethnic traditional medicine; products were produced at the ELOGE FRANCE VIETNAM factories always aims at the highest quality, therapeutic effect and is equivalent to the product with the same active ingredient imported from the French Republic.

With the principle of product quality is the core value and motto of the company. The entire process of product quality monitoring according to the production stage is strictly carried out by experienced staff and modern analytical machines.
We “provide consumers with quality items, constant innovation, creativity, and good products for public health”.
Demonstrating that, over the past 12 years, all medicines and supplements products researched and produced by ÉLOGE FRANCE VIETNAM are always appreciated by partners and consumers with high efficiency. Typically: Frantamol products help reduce fever, painkiller, fight inflammation; Franvit C; Oral antibiotics with Franrogyl… Supplements products with famous brands like Tien Dinh khang Kigonal; Frangamoma (help with treating cholesterol), Single urinary (helps with treating urinary tract)…
With the business philosophy “Quality and customer’s satisfaction”. ELOGE FRANCE VIET NAM focuses on building the company’s bases on 4 main factors:
• The company always puts the quality of products and customer service to the top.
• The factory has a factory system, modern equipments imported from advanced countries and technology transferred from the partner Medipharm (CH France)
• For safe, effective products for consumers, the company is constantly improving and meeting the standards of authority such as GMP “Good manufacturing practice”, food safety hygiene, drug business license…
• With 16 years of growth, Each of Éloge’s products is used by customers, consumers who receive positive reviews and comments. From that, created a successful long term corporate relationship with distribution partner.

Working space
• A team of experienced specialists come from major pharmaceutical research departments across the country and French Republican partners, Highly specialised staff are trained from the leading medical and pharmaceutical schools in the country and are dedicated and enthusiastic about work and creative spirits.
• Build a company image with good value, ethics and conception standards.
• In Éloge, people are the most valuable asset and play an important role in the development of the company. In the process of working, employees are regularly trained to improve their skills and expertise.
• To create long-term development, the company is very focused on building the next team. Inheriting the fragrances of traditional medicine and modern pharmaceutical research, the staff of the company has perfected, giving birth to many safe, effective formulations for consumers.
• The company has preferential policies and opportunities to help employees develop comprehensive, secure dedication. Identify and clearly describe individual roles and responsibility
Working Plan:
• To ensure the operation of the machine, each department (Production, product testing, chemical analysis…) and individual develop a clear work plan for each target.
• The production block guarantees sufficient quantity to be delivered and the completion time.
• Quality assurance blocks always monitor and ensure the process is implemented properly. At present, ÉLOGE FRANCE VIETNAM Pharmaceutical Joint stock company also provides cutting-down services, finished product machining consultancy for partners at factories that customers expect with high quality, reasonable price. Besides, we also provide fast, accurate and reputable services in the field of functional foods, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics such as: Announce the standard of facilities, advertising, certificate of Eligibility ATTP for production, business, the technology of the clearance of goods, brand protection, trademarks.
We are constantly developing, expanding the customer system and expanding the production scale to serve the development of the company. Along with always putting prestige, product quality and service quality on top, we always look forward to working with all partners on the basis of respect, sustainable cooperation, sincere and for the development of all parties.Come to our ÉLOGE FRANCE VIETNAM, customers will be consulted 24/7 for on the processes of creating a complete product from the recipe, selection of ingredients, preparation, product registration, equipment Design, production, packaging and transportation ensure that customers will be completely assured and satisfied with the quality and enthusiasm of the factory’s professional working style. The main services are:
• Drug production Machining
• Supplements production Machining
• Cosmetics and medical equipments production Machining
• Sign up for product disclosure.
• Research the proprietary formula.
• Supply of raw materials and equipment for pharmaceutical production.
For more information please contact:
Phone: 02413 617 888 – Fax: 02413 617 789
Address: QL18, Que Vo industrial zone, Que Vo – Bac Ninh – VietNam.
GPĐKKD: Number 212032.000146 issued by Bac Ninh industrial parks on 10/6/2014.