Regulations and policies


1. Rules and forms of payment

Delivery and cash payment at home:

Customers in a 3km radius will have home delivery by salespeople who will only receive payments

if customers are satisfied with and agree to buy the product.

– Home delivery orders require accurate information about the recipient, address, telephone

number. In some sensitive cases such as: large value orders, evening delivery time, delivery

address in the lane, areas far from the city center,… The saleperson will check and negotiate

further, then agree upon a specific delivery method.

2. Transportation, delivery policy:

– Shipping cost: Completely free for inner Hanoi, or incur a certain fee for delivery partners which

are contracted with ELOGE FRANCE VIETNAM

3. Goods return/exchange and refund policies:

Scope of application

– Subject of application: apply to all products of ELOGE FRANCE VIETNAM sold via website

– Exchange or return of products for those with intact stamp labels and accompanying receipts.

4. Privacy Policy:

a. Purpose of personal information collection:

To access and use certain services on the website, you may be required to register with us

personally identifiable information (email, name, telephone numbers …). All information declared

must be ensured of their accuracy and legality. We do not bear any legal responsibilities relating to

the declared information.

b. Using personal information:

We collect and use your personal information for purposes consistent and fully in compliant with

the contents of this “Privacy Policy”. When necessary, we may use this information to contact you

directly in forms such as: Cover letter, orders, letters of thanks, information on technology and


c. Sharing personal information:

Except for cases of using personal information as described in this policy, we are committed to not

disclose your personal information to external sources.

In some cases, we may hire an independent contractor to conduct market research projects and

then your information will be provided for this contractor to carry out these projects. This third

party will be bound by a confidentiality agreement by which they are only allowed to use the

information provided for the purpose of completing the project.

We may disclose or provide your personal information in cases which are really necessary as

follow: (a) at the request of law enforcement agencies; (B) in cases where we believe it will help us

protect our legitimate rights under the law; (C) emergency and necessary situations to protect the

personal safety of other members.

d. Accessing your personal information:

At any time you can also access and edit your personal information through the appropriate links

that we provide.

e. Personal information protection:

We are committed to protecting your personal information in any way possible. We will use

various different information protection technologies to ensure that this information is not

retrieved, used or disclosed in unwanted manners.

We recommend that you protect the confidentiality of information relating to your password and

do not share it with anyone else. If you are using a public computer, you should log out, or exit all

open website windows.

f. Duration of information storage:

To maintain confidence in our customers, we absolutely use your information in accordance with

provisions of the Privacy Policy. Personal information that you provide will be stored after creating

an account at the website until the latest update. The transaction details will be stored for the

duration that the website is opened.

You do not need to provide any information to access the website or browsers. However, we can

only know who you are if you login account on our website.

g. Changes in policy:

The content of the “Privacy Policy” can be changed to suit our needs as well as needs and

feedback from customers, if any. When updating the contents of this policy, we will revise the

time of “Last Update” above.

Contents of “Privacy Policy” apply only at our website, and do not include or involve advertising

third parties. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read and refer to the contents of

“Privacy Policy” of each website that you visit.