Éloge France Vietnam – Leading pharmaceutical joint venture factory

Currently, Bac Ninh province has been making a strong impression with its spectacular resilience in industrial development. Therefore, this is

Tablets and tablet processing process at Éloge France Vietnam factory

Tablets are the most common form; is a less expensive, safe and effective way to make medicine. Tablets are made

Functional food dosage forms at Éloge France Vietnam

Éloge  France Vietnam – Cooperate and develop functional food dosage forms such as: tablets, capsules, powders and granules… Tablets Currently,

Functional food research service at Éloge France Vietnam

Reference: In recent years, the trend of consuming functional foods has increased rapidly because of the great benefits they bring

Why must product quality be announced before it goes to market?

Announcing product quality before going to market to enhance customers’ trust in the quality of the company’s products. It is

GMP standards at Éloge France Vietnam pharmaceutical factory

Reference: GMP covers every aspect of the drug production and quality control process and is a mandatory standard for pharmaceutical

Things to note when choosing a functional food processing unit

Công ty Éloge France Việt Nam được thành lập năm 2006 – trên cơ sở hợp tác giữa công ty

Full package functional food processing service – reputable at Éloge France Vietnam factory

Với kinh nghiệm 15 năm, nhà máy Éloge France Việt Nam đã và đang là địa chỉ gia công thực

Eloge France Vietnam – pharmaceutical manufacturer and processor meeting GMP-WHO standards

Reference: Eloge France is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises. The first in Vietnam certified by the Ministry

Medicine and functional food processing service at Eloge France Vietnam

Éloge France Vietnam is a pharmaceutical and dietary supplement factory that strictly complies with GMP standards during the production process. As